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"It is not enough to be electors only. It is necessary to be law-makers; otherwise those who can be law-makers will be the masters of those who can only be electors” 

- Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

In 2019, 88,05,32,803 Indians cast their vote and elected their representatives in the Lok Sabha and reposed their faith in the legislature. But now, the scenes that are playing out in the temple of our democracy, our Parliament, are a slap in the face and faith of every indian. 


As scenes insulting our democracy beam to the world, Indians will not remain dormant observers of what happens. It is time to act. It is time to demand accountability. It is time to perform our duty to safeguard democracy and restore the sanctity of Parliament. 


The entire Monsoon Session of the Parliament has been disrupted. The 19-sitting session saw not just walkouts, mayhem, protests and disruptions but an overt insult of Parliament.


On 10 August 2021, Congress MP Pratap Singh Bajwa, in the Rajya Sabha, stood on a table and flung the rulebook, seemingly, at the Chair. All this while a cohort of Opposition MPs were sloganeering and cheering him on. 

Over Rs. 130 crore of taxpayer money has gone down the drain this session. Legislative action and discussion needed to uplift, support, benefit and empower citizens was shafted. 


The people of India cannot let it go. The people of India will not forgive this. It is time to demand accountability. It is time to demand our representative respect our parliament. Our MPs work for the people. It is time to campaign for accountability. 


Sign this petition and join us in the country’s biggest public accountability campaign. 




There is a need for a petition today because India cannot remain a mute spectator as our Parliament is held for ransom by those meant to serve the public. 


There is a need for a petition because India cannot let its elected representatives operate by a different set of rules than the common citizen. 


There is a need for a petition because the Parliament is the temple of our democracy and when politicians fail us, we must rise to unite in our demand for action against them. 




DEMAND THAT NO WORK MEANS NO PAY FOR PARLIAMENTARIANS: Sign the petition to demand that every MP who obstructs Parliament, and insults the temple of democracy is not paid a salary using taxpayer money. 


DEMAND THAT TAXPAYER FUNDED PERKS ARE HALTED: As per data, almost Rs. 2.7 lakh per month of taxpayer’s money is spent on an average on each Member of Parliament. Sign the petition to block taxpayer money from being spent on Parliamentarians who denigrate Parliament. 


DEMAND TERMINATION OF PARLIAMENTARIANS WHO FAILED TO PERFORM THEIR DUTY: Sign the petition to demand immediate termination of parliamentarians who obstructed parliamentary proceedings and then failed to perform their key duty as legislators in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. 


DEMAND THAT THEIR TAX PAYER SPONSORED ACCOMMODATION IS REVOKED: Sign the petition to demand that none of the MPs who insult the parliament can reside in Rs. 80 crore worth duplex luxury flats with modular kitchens, four bedrooms each, a lift and an office area in North Avenue and beyond. 


DEMAND THAT THOSE MPs WHO BEHAVED LIKE ROWDIES REFUND THE LOSSES: Sign the petition to demand that all those hooligan MPs who wasted public money by derailing sessions of the parliament are identified and made to pay for it out of their pockets or their party’s treasury. 


DEMAND THAT CRIMINAL ACTION IS TAKEN AGAINST ALL THOSE WHO ASSAULT & THREATEN IN PARLIAMENT: Sign this petition to demand that all those parliamentarians who create a Public nuisance, intimidate, virtually assault and effectively engage in a gross breach of trust are made liable as per the Indian Penal Code including under sections 268, 503, 351 and 405. Those inside Parliament cannot have impunity against the laws that apply to the common citizen.